More than 1 billion people on earth have no access to fresh water. There are enough water, 2/3 of the earth's surface is covered with it. Seawater, rivers, lakes. To make it safe and drinkable, as is common now, you need a lot of energy to power RO desalination plants conventional. Energy is expensive and
unaffordable for many and not available everywhere.
Therefore our RO plants operate with energy, which is everywhere and costs nothing: solar power and wind power. And there are almost everywhere in the world.








Of 40 LPH to 150.000 LPH and any gradiation between.
RO plants for use in the households or industrial use.





A range of RO plants to meet your requiremens.
We offer standard range of domestic, commercial or industrial Reverse Osmosis (RO) plants to meet your requirements. But to meet your requirements exactly, we need to know the demand on water you need: Between 40 LPH and 150.000 LPH there are many gradiations.


We usually plan plants for households, hotels, small villages and farms. Therefore, a more important question:

What kind of water you have? What kind of water do you need?

The performance of the systems depends on the degree of pollution of the water or salinity. An important question to find the right soloution for you: fresh, drinkable water at the best possible price.

The higher the pollution, the more pressure is needed, which in turn influences the demand for energy. The dirt content is measured in ppm (parts per million) or TDS (total dissolved solids). If you are planning an istallation, you should tell us the ppm of the water. We supply RO plants til 45.000 ppm.





New: a complete desalination plant in a small cabinet.
The Panda Wheelie.
A solar powered solution.
Of 50 litres per hour to 250 litres per hour: the Panda Wheelie is a complete desalination solution in a compact, mobile cabinet.  An optimal solution for everone everywhere. The Panda Wheelie can tap, brackish, sea and waste water to produce specified treated water quality.